The Technology

Virtual Fights Unlimited, Inc. has vetted a number of Hologram, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software and hardware providers.  However, VNTANA, based in Los Angeles and Chicago, is an end to end solution for premium mixed reality experiences.  They have shown to be head and shoulders above their competition in this arena.  VNTANA will be VFU's go to provider for the technologies needed to made our visions a reality. This page outlines VNTANA's technologies, offerings and how they work.

Live Hologram Telepresence

VNTANA's technology will allow people to see their own hologram live.

Beam in executives from any location around the world in real-time and allow them to interact with attendees

Product Holograms

Launch products before they are even manufactured or show off products that are too large to bring

Add dynamic effects and animations to highlight key features and explain benefits to clients.

How VNTANA Works:

Image Image
10ft. Life Size Hologram Hardware
15ft. Life Size Hologram Hardware
Z Hologram
Hologram Capture System

Current VNTANA Clients Include:


For More Information on VNTANA Please Visit:

To learn how Virtual Fights Unlimited is going to take this technology and make virtual fighting a reality please go to The Concept page


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