The Concept

Knockout Punch

Imagine an ability to wager a bet on a fight between two famous boxing legends (i.e. Ali versus Tyson or Tommy "The Hit Man" Hearns in a rematch against Sugar Ray Leonard) based on a virtual reality platform of the two boxers historical fights, punches, moves, strength, endurance, sheer determination and ability. VFU is bringing such a platform to the forefront through live venues on holographic imagery. It can be watched live or on demand. It's the ultimate fantasy meets reality for fighting!

Situation Analysis

Virtual Fights Unlimited, Inc. is a collaborative effort between Michael Smith, Attorney at Law, Tommy Hearns and Tommy Hearns Jr.

The concept was developed by the founders wherein they believe a significant market exists for a Virtual Fights Unlimited enterprise utilizing Mixed Reality Technologies.

The concept relies on Holographic technology so that the legends of boxing can virtually fight (think Mike Tyson versus Tommy Hearns or Mohammad Ali versus Joe Frasier). The Company is in the development phase. The founders are determining the revenue models, development and start-up costs, and the business model. The founders have hired Blue Moon Advisors, Inc. to complete a business plan.

Elevator Pitch

What if your favorite fighters from different eras could fight one another? Through the use of holographic, artificial intelligence, and streaming video converge, the legends of boxing can engage in true fantasy meets reality with virtual fights that will be watched live, streamed on platforms, and bet on by four generations of fight fans that will support their all-time favorite boxers. VFU earns revenues as the promoter, boxer representation for licensing, streaming fees, and gambling. Virtual Fights Unlimited will ensure that legends and future legends of fighting will live on forever. Legends never die with Virtual Fights Unlimited! 


Our mission is to be the leading provider of virtual reality matches wherein viewers can stream live, gamble and purchase merchandise for virtual reality holographic boxing events staged with legendary boxers utilizing their history boxing records, styles, moves, and strategies driven by artificial intelligence. The Company has harnessed three technologies: artificial intelligence (AI), holographic, and distributions systems so that boxing fans can enjoy virtual fights between the legends of boxing and today’s up and coming superstars.

We will also be the "401K" for these boxers that have dedicated their lives to the sport. They have given their blood, sweat, and tears to the sport. Through Virtual Fights Unlimited they will be able to get paid back for this. VFU will make the previous generations of fighters relevant again. This will also incentivize younger fighters in the sport to not just fight for the money, but aim to be included as a VFU fighter.

To learn how Virtual Fights Unlimited is going to monetize this concept, please visit The Revenue Model page


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